Friday, November 1, 2013

October - its a wrap!

So October ended tamely yesterday with a monster loser day! Got whipsawed all day, then caught a nice down move which then ended up reversing all losses, triggering a long and then continuing to sell off. 4 trades, 1 break-even trade and 3 losers. Ouch :-)
But then, who cares about what happened during the 4 trades when I have the next 1000 trades as my view?

Week ended nicely however, with the first day of November having started off with a bang. Very nice move today in bonds, and will be closing near the low of the day.

For this week

Number of trades: 11
Winners: 3
Losers: 7
Average win: 12.6
Average Loser:  -7.5
Average risk per trade: -10

So average risk was trade was a little higher than before, average loser about the same, only problem was there were more losers than winners! About a net loss of 14 ticks for the week, no complaints after 2 monster winning weeks. Whipsaws happen.

Todays trade - short from 5 am to close.

Until next week! Peace

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