Friday, October 25, 2013

Thats a wrap - Oct 20 to Oct 25 summary

Thus ends another trading week. Was a good one. Results below -

Num trades: 9
Winners: 5
Losers: 4
Avg winner: 10.2 ticks
Avg Loser: -4.5 ticks
Avg risk per trade: -9.6 ticks

So thats about 33 ticks. Number of trades was average, about 2 a day, with one quick loser ( about 30-60 minutes in the trade) and rest of the day spent in riding the trend.

Average winner was bigger last week, but average loser last week was bigger as well. Apart from the Non-farm payroll day, it was a small range week, so as a passive trend follower - I take what the market gives me.

Have a good weekend. Will try to post more often. Going to do one post tomorrow or on Sunday about the system I'm trading. 

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