Thursday, June 13, 2013

Removing twitter feed

Am removing the twitter feed on the right, adds no real value. Twitter seems to be the play ground of play callers, fake traders and perma bulls or perma bears heckling others at their failure.

I created a new private account, but wont be sharing that with people. I'll be using that as a private trade log, mostly for my own reference.

What a day in the markets today. Today is a day where not a single, yes, not a single trade setup worked for me. How ridiculous is that? And what are the odds of it repeating? Who knows..point is, I followed the rules, took the trade setups, so I should not be unhappy, but I just blew away a shitload of money, so not at all happy about that ofcourse.

1 main thing I need to fix in my trades, when trend changes via a very large bar, typically around news releases, despite the added risk, wait until the end of the bar to change or exit trades because my setups are all about the closing price of the trend change bar. Mistakes from this alone have cost me significantly the last 2 days, compounding the pain.

Anyway, moving on.

Monster rally in equities today, cos of Hilsenrath said something or whatever. Who gives a shit huh? If you traded your plan, and went with the trend, you'd have been long ES all day, and the surprise came in the direction of the trend.

Bonds however, were much worse. Trend chopped around all day, stopping me out all over the place, and making life quite uncomfortable in general. Whatever, tomorrow is Friday. Lets see if it goes my way. 

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