Friday, June 7, 2013

NFP Friday!

Happy NFP Friday to everyone. Whatever the fuck that means ha ha, hope everyone makes money.

Dont have too many positions on right now, only weird thing is that I swore at the beginning of the year to not trade options, yet every day of this week, I've bought and sold SPY calls, every time for a very decent gain. QuantEdges was leaning long via all his research, so it gave me some extra confirmation I suppose. Besides this, all I've done is trade bonds, and it has been the best trading, and most educational experience of my life.

Only 2 positions on at the moment going into NFP, long AVP calls and VXX puts. If its a bad report, those VXX puts might be in a world of hurt, but like I posted a couple days ago, VIX is mean reverting and I'm expecting yesterdays bearish reversal bar in the VIX to continue and lead to further downside in the VIX.

AVP chart below, at support.

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