Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sit on hands, make money

Well, turns out all I need to do to make money is to pick my spots, put on a trade and then step away from the screen ha ha! Or today was just one of those days all things worked out as planned.

I ended up covering my 6A short for just 8 ticks by the way. Wanted more from it, kind of lame. Who knows, it might also rollover big time here, but the setup is over. I also shorted it from the Interactive Brokers account at 1.0446, made 10 ticks on that trade there.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, my NQ short at 2805 worked out pretty sweet, closed it out for +8 pts. I'm itching to short the euro here, but would be nice if I get a 1.31 fill maybe? ADX(2) at about 90, and RSI(2) at 99 or so, and price is right at resistance...tomorrow is FOMC minutes, so I dont really know if this is a smart trade.

So at the moment, flat all trades except for FDX 92.5 calls expiring next week.

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