Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Setups for tomorrow

I'm looking at TF and NQ for tomorrow primarily. For NQ, 2810 is still a big level, and shorting that today would've been money! I will look to re-short 2805-2810. Its pretty obvious from the chart below that 2810 is a big level.

With TF, the 931-936 level is still key, so hoping for a big enough bounce for me to short there.

Next is 6A. Here's a chart of AUDUSD, to get a better view of the continuous forex contract. If we stay above this 1.05 level, where's the next clear resistance? 1.0577ish. About 70 ticks higher. Lets see if we get up there!

Finally, keeping an eye on Copper. 3.47 has been a big level in the past, and I'll try to take advantages off any price rejection off that level.

This chart from ukarlewitz on twitter is pretty interesting, shows whats next when CPC, CPCI and CPCE are trading where we are at the moment. Needless to say, I'm leaning bearish over the next few days.

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