Saturday, April 20, 2013

Remembering last week

Last week was an awesome trading week for many reasons. The main reason it turned out great was because I didn't chase setups, and mostly took proper ones. The second reason it was great was because it was volatile, and this created multiple opportunities.

So let that be a lesson. Take your setups, some weeks you make a little money, but other weeks, there will be multiple opportunities and if one doesn't force trades and lose his chips during other times, he/she's fit to take advantage of a volatile trading environment.

Friday's trading continued to be awesome, I was short the Euro at pretty much the perfect time. It was an ADX & price at resistance setup for me.

Also, all the XIV I had been buying paid off finally! I was beginning to worry about a VIX breakout, but nope! VIX is a mean reverting instrument, so its a pretty high probability trade. So my XIV purchases at 20.50 and 19.50 were unloaded at 20.50 and 21.02.

I tried shorting Natural Gas again, and it just acted weird all day and I got stopped for a small loss, and it then spiked into the pit close. Blah. 


  1. I like your blog Vikas.. Compliments


  2. Enrico, thank you very much, and wish you the best in your trading :).