Thursday, April 4, 2013

NFP tomorrow

Well, overnight trading yesterday worked out just like I figured. All the bullish evidence pointing to a short term pop worked as expected, and all my overnight long TF and ES positions were exited for nice gains.

Today, I added to my XIV position, got long CAT at 84.12 via options (80 strike April calls for 4.4). I've also shorted ZB at 146 '08 but I'm looking to get that off at 146 overnight. I'm also short 6B right now, but thats for another short term trade. However, I'm bearish on ZB for the next day or two, price is overbought and is at resistance, so a pullback is in order? RSI(2) on ZB is at 96. Here's another TLT chart which shows price at resistance.

However, I think if we do get a pullback in ZB, it will be a short one, and we're going to push through and make new highs hitting the 149 level over the next few weeks, as equities pullback.

If ZB does pullback tomorrow, and equities spike, I'm looking to short TF at the 930.5 - 933 area, chart below:

Not many other ideas at the moment, I'll look at other markets, and other data tonight and write another post for tomorrow's setups. 

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