Monday, April 15, 2013


What a day in the markets!! Russell dropped 4.5%!! VIX climbed 43% which is ridiculous. Everything got destroyed. Gold and Crude oil are still in free fall.

Anyway, trade setups for tomorrow. First one obviously is XIV. VIX had a parabolic move, so its important to scale into this, but hoping to buy some XIV under 22 tomorrow morning.

Expecting ES to have a small range day tomorrow and eventually close in green. My guess is ES gaps up, sees some selling, and then crawls its way back up and closes in green?

ZB made a new high, but was barely up compared to the amount of selling we saw in equities today, so I'm expecting ZB to close red tomorrow, and so I'm short.

Crap, fact of the matter is, I have been really busy today, and havent tracked the markets like I should have. So I'm really out of ideas for tomorrow. Only idea I have at the moment is long XIV. Right now, I'm getting long sleep. 

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