Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No place for fear

Today was a good day of trading which could've been great if I stuck to the plan, didnt chicken out and take profits early.

Woke up late this morning and ZB had moved more than 1 pt overnight! 1 hour ADX(7) around 70, 4 hour price right at resistance. Posted this on twitter.

Shorted ZB twice today, and covered each time for a few ticks.

Big fuck up however was with Lean Hogs, I had clear support and ADX was signaling a possible trend exhaustion, so I bought it, but I got nervous and exited for a few ticks. Chart below for Lean hogs. So disappointed with myself because Lean Hogs rallied non stop right after I sold it. Live and learn, but truly, there's no place for fear in trading. Stick to your original plan and respect your setups.

Finally, I sold BRF as well, for a loss. So that makes 3 out of 3 losers on my Latin American ETF trades. Valid setups, failed trades, but small losers so I guess its ok? 

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