Friday, March 15, 2013

ES trades today

Made some ES trades today. I've mentioned before that I'm not very keen on trading ES, but options expiration Friday's tend to have a nice bearish bias, especially when SPY closes in the top 10% of the trading range. This was pointed out by QuantEdges in his blog, if you dont already follow that blog, I highly recommend you do.

Anyway, my first trade was right before the 5:30 am data came out. Shorted 56.75, and covered at the open for +3. I could've made more there but was worried about a gap fill taking my profits away.

Second trade is basically a retrace to the 21EMA from below. In this case, 21EMA was at 1554.75, so I  had a sell order there and went to the gym, was filled when I came back. Went about my day and my order to cover for another +3 was filled around 11.40 am. (All hours are in PST, fuck the east coast time).  Oh and I'm also currently long $ZB_F, lets see how that goes, I have next major resistance on it at 142 '24, but its unlikely it gets anywhere near that level today.

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